Christmas Workshop

A one-day workshop which will look at Christmas and our relationship to it

A one-day workshop which will look at Christmas and our relationship to it.

A personal and professional development CPD workshop for counsellors, counselling supervisors or similar profession.

It will be a participatory workshop where we will all to take part, develop our thinking and our understanding of ourselves and each other in relation to our past, present and future interaction with Christmas. You will be invited to talk in depth about Christmas and your relationship with it.

Within each step we will consider our client work, opening our understanding of clients and the many and varied ways Christmas is experienced.

I hope this will broaden our ability to work with Christmas both personally and within our client work. The workshop is challenging and eye opening, a very fresh look at self and lead into client work. There will be a minimum of 6 spaces in the workshop.Please bring a note book for recording your personal process and a willingness to give of yourself and receive insights from others.
This workshop will run at the end of November, and beginning of December. Please contact me for dates.
Please come to the workshop when you are personally in a place of fitness to practice, so that you can remain focused on the topic and not be side tracked into different stuff.

Things counsellors have said about the workshop:

“I found Tina Free’s Christmas workshop really helpful for myself personally, and to take into my client work.
The workshop encouraged me to explore my own past and present experiences of Christmas, and hear others’ experiences and thoughts. It included the personal, spiritual, financial and commercial aspects of Christmas, along with the expectations of ourselves and others.
Tina brought in aspects that I hadn’t thought about before and I think everyone in the workshop at some point said “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that”.
Tina’s workshops are very informative, sometimes emotional and sometimes funny. She is a nurturing and thoughtful teacher, bringing her own experience and thoughts in, as well as those of other cultures, and society in general, but also giving space to explore our own experiences and how we can bring this to our clients. I highly recommend these workshops for personal and professional development.”

“I have always hated Christmas had a difficult time getting to the big day for many reasons around finances, bereavement and alcohol. I found this workshop so helpful for me to look at Christmas from many angles I have never even thought of, especially my own. What would be ok for me, instead of how do I serve others around this time of year?
It will help my client work I feel in a similar way to give clients a space to express their worries, fears and needs to approach Christmas from a grounded place of self.”

“I found the workshop deeply touching. It initially brought up my awareness of the inequality and unnecessary consuming that exists around Christmas, but that was just the first layer for me. I found the work very revealing as I tapped into complicated family dynamics. Throughout the day I was able to find an older more sacred part of myself that lives beneath all that noise and reaction, a very still and knowing part. On a personal level this workshop became about accessing the deeper aspects of living and the places where I find meaning.
It opened my eyes to the experiences which could be explored if I am able to open Christmas up with my clients. I’m thinking that clients might find it helpful to understand their positions in their family before the festive season.”

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