Individual supervision
If you hold up to 3 clients, we can work for only one hour a month.£50 for one hour
Individual supervisionIf you hold over 3 clients, I ask for a minimum of 1.5 hour a month. £75.00 for one-and-a-half hours
Group supervision4 counsellors per group£30 per person, per session
Holding your
Professional Will
£25 per year
Reports and References£45 per hour pro rata
Time to Talk£50 per hour
Money Workshop£60 for 2 days
Christmas Workshop £40 for 1 day



Individual Supervision: In line with BACP if you are accredited or moving towards accreditation you will need a minimum of one and a half hours a month.

The Group Supervision group is two hours, and you can record it as one-hour supervision. We also have ¾ hours CPD each month, alongside the group session.

Missed Sessions

Once we have made an appointment please keep the appointment. Let me know if you need to cancel an appointment and you will need to pay for the cancelled session. Please re-arrange and pay for a different appointment to remain working ethically.

Please pay for missed group sessions and arrange for an individual session to replace the group session, to remain working ethically.

Professional Will

I will hold your client list, and in the event of an unforeseen sudden ending with your clients or your death, I would contact your clients and support them in finding the way forward. You would responsible for updating the list at every new or ending client.

The costs will be reviewed in January of each year.



Data Protection

Personal information data protection

Tina Free is a member of ICO. You have rights under data protection law for further information about your rights please contact:

At the point of referral your personal information will be gathered and will be stored on the computer and on iCloud. I will also put your email on the mailing list. When you end with Tina Free, all information apart from your contact details will be deleted.

You can take the opportunity to update information about you at any time.

Training and Recording

Counsellors are required to take part in Continues Professional Development. During training I may need to write about my experience of the counselling process as part of my training, your anonymity will always be safeguarded.

There are occasions when I might be requested to provide recordings of sessions to enable me to consider my work more fully. This request might be made by a training body or by my supervisor. I would ensure that you gave permission before any recording took place and if you do not want to do a recording of your sessions you will not be required to.

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