Money Workshop

Workshop focused on Money.

Workshop Money Matters.

This is a two-day workshop which will look at money and your relationship to it.

A personal development CPD workshop for counsellors, counselling supervisors or similar professions focused on Money.
Venue: Yate, Bristol, BS37

Facilitated by Tina Free
It will be a participatory process workshop develop our thinking and our understanding of ourselves and each other in relation to our history, current and future interaction with money. You will be invited to talk in depth about money and your relationship with it.

Within each step we will consider our client work, opening our understanding of clients and the integral, many and varied ways money permeates our and their lives.

I hope this will broaden our ability to talk about money both personally and within our client work.
This workshop will not look at how to earn money.The workshop is challenging and eye opening, a very fresh look at self and lead into client work.

Please bring a note book for recording your personal process, a one-pound coin and a postcard size envelope.
Cost: I hope you could afford £50 or more, but if that is difficult, you can choose what you can afford to pay for the workshop.

Venue: 5 Moordell Close, Yate, Bristol, BS374BU. This is my home and not paying for a different venue helps to keep the costs down.

If you are interested in the Money workshop please contact me for the dates.

Things counsellors have said about the workshop:

“The money workshop was really helpful for me. It gave me for the first time the possibility to explore and think about the relationship I have with money. I feel I am now more aware about my beliefs and morals in relation to money, that I find it good for myself and If I have to talk about this subject with a client”.

 “Significantly for me I have come away with a far more positive attitude to money, viewing it almost as an energy, a force for good and not something to be slightly ashamed of which is a big shift for me.  It was good to challenge my perceptions of my monetary worth as a counsellor, and as a woman and I am much more aware and interested in how other people view money too. I feel confident in taking the subject of money into therapy with my clients and enabling them to explore what it is for them now.” 

“This inclusive workshop was really helpful to gain a deeper understanding of my personal relationship with money and how it can affect my client work, including taboos, morals and social and cultural aspects of money, along with working with others to understand the different and varied relationships with money that clients can have.”

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