Time to talk

Sessions for counsellors and counselling supervisors

Therapeutic and self-care sessions for counsellors and counselling supervisors.
Working as a counsellor and counselling supervisor requires emotional robustness and a grounded centredness.

Even for counsellors and counselling supervisor’s life happens, struggles develop and emotional strength can be challenged and at times hard to hold on to.
Personal development is a corner stone of our work. As we know ourselves so we free space in ourselves for our clients. We then move further into accessing congruence as a counselling skill.

Time to Talk sessions will be confidential and ethical. You might choose a one-off session, or have a few, or a longer block or come and go as you want to.
Our appointments will fit around our diaries.

We can develop a short or long-term relationship, you can use the Time to Talk sessions as and when you find them useful and supportive.

We both have counselling skills, and theoretical knowledge and understanding, we talk together, the focus will be you, we put our minds together and work through what has come up for you.

I am based in Yate near Bristol, our sessions can be face to face or Skype or Face time.

Please contact me if you would like to ask about the Time to Talk sessions.


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